CAV Advanced Technologies: AT-S-031 rev 2 26Oct16

AT-S-031 rev 2 26Oct16

PO Note flow down; These are subject to change

These notes shall be added to each purchase order for materials for CAV ICE products- copy and insert all text below the line into the purchase order;


26Oct16 rev 2 CAV Advanced Technologies “CAVAT”


Seller agrees not to make any change in materials or design details which would affect the part or any component part thereof with regard to (a) part number identification, (b) physical or functional inter changeability, and (c) repair and overhaul procedures and processes and material changes which affect these procedures without prior written approval of CAVAT, and without revising the part numbers and the originals of all drawings or data. Seller will ensure subcontracts include the above requirements for supplier part numbered items, whether such equipment is supplied to Seller as an end item or as a component part of an end item.


Seller is required to sign and return promptly the acknowledgment reply form of this order.


The following information (when applicable) must be referenced on every pack slip:

1. Suppliers name, address and phone number

2. CAVAT purchase order number

3. Date parts shipped

4. Total quantity shipped and the quantity in each container

5. Part number shown on the purchase order

6. Legible pack slip number

7. Multiple boxes with same pack slip must reference 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc. (if applicable)

8. Pack slip required on the outside of #1 box and inside each individual box.

9. Description/nomenclature

10. Unit of measure

11. Sold to and/or ship to as applicable

12. Warranty data and certification data as applicable

13. Serial number(s), as applicable. Packing sheets shall be furnished in duplicate with each shipment.






Seller shall maintain, and have available on a timely basis, quality records traceable to the conformance of product/part numbers delivered to CAVAT. Seller shall make such records available to regulatory authorities and CAVAT authorized representatives and CAVAT customers authorized representatives. Seller shall retain such records for a period of not less than (10) ten years from the date of shipment under each applicable order for all product/part numbers unless otherwise specified on the order. Seller shall maintain all records related to the current first article inspection (FAI) for 10 years past final delivery of the product covered by the FAI

At the expiration of such period, CAVAT reserves the right to request delivery of such records. In the event CAVAT chooses to exercise this right, Seller shall promptly deliver such records to CAVAT at no additional cost on media agreed to by both parties. CAVAT requires that the provisions/requirements set forth above be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain.


Seller must provide evidence of acceptance by its quality assurance department on all shipments. (a) certified physical and metallurgical test reports where required by controlling specification, and a signed or stamped, dated statement on the packing sheet certifying its quality assurance department has inspected the parts and they adhere to all requirements, applicable drawings and/or specifications.  CAVAT requires that the provisions/requirements set forth above be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain.


Seller shall maintain certification, obtained from an accredited certification body, to AS/EN/JISQ 9100, quality management systems aerospace requirements, as may be revised from time to time. Seller shall also perform first article inspections (FAI’s) in accordance with AS/EN/SJAC 9102.  CAVAT requires that the provisions/requirements set forth in AS/EN/JISQ 9100, as determined by the Seller to be applicable, be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain as specified in AS/EN/SJAC 9100.

Sellers AQMS (Aerospace Quality Management System) does not affect the right of CAVAT to conduct audits and issue findings at the Sellers facility. CAVAT reserves the right to provide CAVAT identified quality system findings, associated quality system data, and quality performance data to Sellers certification / registration body.

Seller shall notify CAVAT immediately in writing should the Sellers certification/registration be suspended or withdrawn, or accreditation status of Sellers certification / registration body (CRB) is withdrawn


Representatives of CAVAT, CAVAT customers and/or the federal aviation administration and/or equivalent government agency may inspect and evaluate Seller’s facilities’ systems, data, equipment, personnel and all completed articles manufactured for this order.  CAVAT requires that the provisions/requirements set forth above be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain.

Seller shall maintain complete and accurate records regarding all subcontracted items and/or processes. Seller’s use of subcontractors or suppliers shall comply with all Sellers quality assurance system approval.


Notification of escapement (NOE) process:  Seller shall provide written notification to CAVAT when a non-conformance is determined to exist, or is suspected to exist, on product already delivered to CAVAT.  Written notification shall include:  Affected process(es) or product number(s) and name(s) ; Description of the nonconforming condition and the affected engineering requirement (i.e., what it is and what it should be); Quantities, dates,  purchase orders and destinations of delivered shipments ; Suspect/affected serial number(s) or date codes, and airplane line units when applicable. Notification must occur within three (3) business days of knowing all the above information.   However, if the condition is possible safety of flight, submit all available information immediately. Escaped product is to be investigated by Seller and results communicated to CAVAT.


Seller shall clearly mark maintain an inventory of, and keep segregated or identifiable all of CAVAT and CAVAT customers supplied property and all property to which CAVAT has acquired an interest. Seller assumes all risk of loss, deterioration, destruction or damage of such property while in Sellers or its subcontractors or supplier’s possession. Deterioration does not include items deteriorated due to the lapse of shelf-life or other inherent deterioration.

Seller shall keep confidential and protect from disclosure all confidential, proprietary and/or trade secret information in connection with this agreement or any order.


Without CAVAT prior written approval, Seller shall not, and shall require that its subcontractors or suppliers shall not, release and publicity, advertisements, news release or denial or confirmation of the same, regarding any order or products or services, or program to which they may pertain. Seller shall be liable to CAVAT for any breach of such obligation by any subcontractor or supplier.


Seller shall obtain and maintain continuously in effect a property insurance policy covering loss or destruction of or damage to all property in which CAVAT does or could have an insurable interest pursuant to this agreement, including but not limited to tooling, raw materials, parts, work-in-progress, incomplete or complete assemblies and all other product or services or parts thereof.

Upon written request Seller shall provide certificates of insurance to show compliance.