Fly Further, Safer & Greener

For over 80 years, CAV engineers have advanced the development of aircraft ice protection and drag reduction technologies, enabling the manufacture of safer, more efficient aircraft. Recognized experts in design, certification, system integration and manufacturing, CAV are chosen partners to some of the world’s largest aviation manufacturers and continue to assist pilots in the installation of retrofit ice protection to existing aircraft.



Leading developers of ice protection systems, micro-perforation and hybrid laminar flow control systems, our expert consultants are experienced in: system design and integration, manufacturing design, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, flight testing, and quality, reliability and safety analysis.

Partnering with manufacturers, we tailor our TKS® Ice Protection systems to new aircraft design to provide unrivalled anti-ice and de-ice protection, whilst maintaining the aerodynamics and aesthetics of the aircraft. Requiring minimal maintenance, the system also lasts the lifetime of the aircraft providing exceptional economy to owners.

The only drag reduction system currently deployed on commercial aircraft, our µLASE™ technology is designed to match specific aircraft requirements in order to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

With extensive system design, flight testing, planning and data analysis experience, CAV are dedicated partners in the innovation aircraft safety and efficiency.

TKS & μLASE Development 


Exceptionally reliable, our TKS® Ice Protection system provides pilots with complete peace of mind and lasts the lifespan of the aircraft. Our FIKI certified systems also allow flight into known icing conditions; enabling pilots to log flight hours throughout winter or maintain vital business, transport and freight operations.

Developed for more than 100 model variants of aircraft, TKS® is available on some models as factory fit or can be supplied as a retrofit kit with installation stations located across the US and Europe.

We are well versed in the repair of TKS® systems that may have accidentally been damaged and maintain a large inventory of competitively priced parts from Cessna and Cirrus to Hawker.

As the sole manufacturer for TKS® parts globally, our engineers will provide unrivalled technical support and repair services should your system experience any accidental damage and we maintain a large inventory of competitively priced parts.