Aviation Consumer Picks TKS® as Top Ice Protection Choice

31st October 2008

Aviation Consumer, the independent online source for impartial and uncompromising evaluations of aircraft, avionics, accessories and equipment, has weighed in on the best choice for airborne aircraft ice protection.

Columnist Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside writes in the November 2008 Issue, “Electrothermal deicing looked promising, but it hasn’t delivered. TKS is effective in all conditions…” And, he adds, “…it still beats boots.”

“Electrothermal systems are light and exact a premium performance penalty. But thus far, they haven’t proven as effective as TKS. Cessna dropped electrothermal from the 350/400 models.”

The article quotes Kevin Hawley, President of CAV Aerospace, Inc., who discusses several company programs. In addition, the article cites a number of positive customer experiences with TKS® Ice Protection Systems.


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