Keith M. – Cessna T210L TKS Testimonial

7th August 2017

Keith M. lives and primarily flies within the Midwest. Keith’s Cessna T210L is equipped with inadvertent TKS Ice Protection that he has flown for over 5 years.

How did you get started in aviation?

I was tired of fighting traffic to and from a vacation home.

Why did you choose TKS?

I sold a 1978 Piper PA-32R and searched for a T210 with the intent to add TKS due to superior anti-icing protection.

What has TKS done for your mission?

It has made my T210 a year-round traveling machine (within reason).

Have you had any memorable experiences with TKS?

No bad ones anyhow. The images are after 1 hour in IMC through a fairly intense snowstorm.

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