My CAV Work Experience

26th August 2022

By Alice Irving, Marketing Assistant Intern

Having the opportunity to complete a marketing internship at CAV systems has been amazing!

I am from the County Durham area and chose to apply for a role at CAV Systems as they have their headquarters in the local area and are a one of one business.

My journey started when I sent in my CV, this was closely followed by an interview where we talked about my interests and a potential project outline. Gaining work experience is a key attribute for boosting your employability and helps to gain a university place, so I was really pleased when I got the news that I had been successful.

CAV has been very supportive whilst setting me challenging, interesting and enjoyable tasks such as contributing articles to the company newsletter, meeting with partner agencies, and interviewing staff members and other people on placements to find out more about their roles, and what it is like to work for a specialist engineering business.

Operating in a professional workplace environment has given me a valuable insight for future employment applications. I now understand the importance of building networks and how to communicate in a business environment. In the future I would like to gain employment on a Level Degree Apprenticeship. Hopefully what I have experienced and learnt will put me ahead of my fellow applicants.

The people I have met whilst at CAV have been incredible, since my first day everyone has been so supportive and kind. I want to give a special thank you to my colleagues in the Customer Support, Aftermarket and HSE teams for being so amazing. I also want to give a special thank you to Vic (CAV’s marketing manager) for giving me this opportunity and for helping to guide me throughout my time. The company is the only supplier of fluid-based ice protection systems globally so getting the chance to be see up close and be involved in the company’s communication activities has been fantastic.

At no point has my internship been about making coffees and photocopying, that is what makes CAV such a great company. They truly care about helping and supporting the younger generation. You can see it so many ways, not just by giving students like me the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace but also in the amazing apprenticeships and placements they offer.

I would strongly recommend an internship at CAV Systems, it is an exceptional business to work for and I am very grateful that I have had the chance to experience it. To find out more about Alice’s work experience take a look at her video or contact our HR team at to find out career opportunities here at CAV Systems.

Alice Irving taking a tour of the facilities and working on projects with colleagues at CAV Systems.