Nico W. – Beechcraft E33 Bonanza TKS Testimonial

28th August 2017

Nico W. lives in the Midwest and primarily flies around the Midwest and West Coast. Nico has flown his 1969 Beechcraft E33 Bonanza equipped with inadvertent TKS Ice Protection for 5 years.

How did you get started in aviation?

My sister’s father-in-law insisted that I learn to fly.

Why did you choose TKS?

When I moved the plane from California to Minnesota I really liked the idea of an extra insurance policy, so to speak, after a few flights during the winter ended with me turning back after an unexpected cloud layer crept in; the TKS system seemed most appropriate and safest for how the plane was being used.

What did TKS do for your mission?

I’m still not a huge fan of flying when I might encounter icing, but having the TKS system gives me a whole lot of peace of mind in case the unexpected comes up during a flight.

Have you had any memorable experiences with TKS?

None – I don’t fly if I know the conditions might result in “truly memorable.” The TKS is a back up insurance for good decision making. I’m delighted it’s never been a “life saver.”

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