Peter Sobry – Beechcraft G36 Bonanza TKS Testimonial

2nd November 2017

Peter Sobry lives in Belgium and flies throughout Western Europe. He previously owned a 2007 Beechcraft G36 Bonanza with inadvertent TKS Ice Protection, which he flew for 4.5 years.


Why did you choose TKS?

There was no other option available on the Bonanza. I wanted a de-icing system, and I was happy with the system. If you fly a single-engine piston, there are not many options. I know a lot about the system because my company produces and sells TKS fluid.


Peter Sobry - Beechcraft G36 Bonanza NH

Have you flown in aircraft with other ice protection systems?

On the Bonanza I had TKS. Now on the TBM 850 I have boots. I must say, if you have serious icing, boots do not deal with ice very well. I’m really convinced that TKS is better than boots for small aircraft. The accumulation of ice in certain conditions can be so quick. When you look at your boots, you’re waiting and the cycles your boots make takes hours. Well, not really but it feels like that way. As TKS is a continuous system, I felt more confident with the system. With the Bonanza you stay in the weather. You need a system you can trust.

Additional comments

If you fly IFR in Europe (France, England, Germany, Belgium, Poland, etc.), you need it. There’s no other option. You really need TKS to fly safe. Before the G36 I had been flying a Beechcraft 33 without anti-icing, just a hot prop. I have been afraid many, many times and was lucky because I never fell out of the sky. You really need TKS in Europe.

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