The Best Hawker Exchange Units Ever Installed

23rd September 2021

Supplied by our Aftermarket Sales Manager, Iain Johnston, and overhauled by our team in Consett, UK, CAV’s Hawker 800XP leading edge sections, have been cited as the best Hawker exchange units [the MRO has] ever installed.



A US based Hawker 800XP owner required four overhauled leading-edge sections.

During a routine check-up by an MRO, the existing sections were found to have become partially corroded with age and required replacement to comply with safety standards.

A huge Hawker enthusiast, the owner was keen to ensure that they were putting the highest quality parts on their aircraft.

“You won’t find a larger fan of the Hawker Aircraft than us.”


CAV responded to the owners’ request for a quote for the sections within an hour of initial contact.

CAV agreed an exchange for the corroded sections, providing the owner with four replacement sections we already had in stock.

Like all our Hawker panels and sections, these sections were overhauled to the original specification. They conform to their original profile to ensure that the aerodynamics are preserved in flight and are then buffed and polished to return them to their original standard as if they were new.

The customer confirmed CAV was not only by far the best option for quality but also price and delivery.


The owner’s MRO installed the four leading-edge sections within one day.

Because CAV provides ICY (interchangeability) attachment holes, the MRO was able to fix the sections straight onto the wing whilst ensuring perfect alignment.

“We just flight tested today. Completed the stall series and the aircraft broke beautifully straight ahead with a minor amount of buffeting just before the pusher.

Exactly where you want it. No stall strip adjustments were required. The crew chief said they were the best exchange units they have ever installed.”


Leading Edge Installation on a Hawker 800XP



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