TKS® Ice Protection System Approved for Corvalis 300/350/400

5th April 2009

CAV Ice Protection has received an amended STC from the FAA to retrofit its TKS® Ice Protection System on Corvalis 300 and 350 model aircraft.

To obtain the amended STC, CAV Ice Protection installed the proprietary TKS Ice Protection System on an early model Cessna Corvalis 350 and flight-tested the prototype aircraft to confirm aerodynamic integrity.

“Now the complete line of Corvalis aircraft, including Cessna’s new Corvalis 400 TT, can have the proven TKS Ice Protection System that already flies on over 4,000 other general aviation aircraft,” said Kevin Hawley, president.

Hawley also noted the company recently completed installation of its 100th TKS Ice Protection System for the Cessna Corvalis 400. Including factory installations on new aircraft and aftermarket installations at its Salina, KS facility, 100 of the former Columbia 400 aircraft now fly with the TKS Ice Protection System.