Our training programs have been specifically designed to assist OEM Service Centers, Fleet Operations, Installation Centers, and FBO’s, and Owners and Operators understand in flight icing and the TKS system design, functionality and operation. Delivered in person at our New Century facility they are superb way to develop new skills, the maintenance of the system and troubleshooting of issues.

In response to customer feedback we have also developed a new online TKS Maintenance Program which will be launching in 2024. 

A superb way to access training materials and develop new skills we are very excited to be opening the doors to our virtual academy next year.

To find out more or to register your interest please email tks@cav-systems.com or call +1 913 738 5390,0

TKS Maintenance Program coming soon!

Help your team to become TKS Ice Protection experts with our on-line TKS Maintenance Training Course.

The program has been developed by our specialist engineers and experts to provide you and your team with the knowledge and expertise to get the very best from our industry leading technology.

Covering all aspects of the TKS Ice Protection including a comprehensive view of the system, including design, composition, parts, functionality and troubleshooting, which will allow you to recognize, diagnose and resolve any potential anomalies in operation.

The syllabus is divided into 8 engaging modules:

  • General Systems
  • Core Hardware
  • Fluid Related Hardware
  • Metering Pump
  • Porous Panels
  • Proportioning Unit
  • Test Cart
  • Windshield Pumps

Each section has an assessment section to help your knowledge and understanding and tutorials are accessible 24/7.

An exciting and engaging way to train, enhance your knowledge and access support, the new TKS Maintenance Program will be available via subscription from CAV Systems and will be taking off in January 2024.


Aaron Marshall - Cessna 206 Owner

"You don’t want to get into icing if you don’t have any ice protection. If you don’t have ice protection, you end up not using the airplane half the year.

I wouldn’t bother owning a traveling airplane like the Bonanza without TKS®. [It] gives a peace of mind, particularly because when you do need to use the system, you can tell it’s working really well."

Developed by TKS experts

Developed by TKS experts

Accessible tutorials and support materials

Accessible tutorials and support materials

TKS Maintenance Certificate

TKS Maintenance Certificate