CAV Systems Launch New De-Icing Fluid – TKS 406 BIO

31st October 2023

CAV Systems has registered a trademark for a new bio-derived de-icing fluid.

The development is a natural progression for CAV Systems, who have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing environmental concerns.

As with standard DTD-406B fluid, which is bio-degradable and non-corrosive, the fluid is designed for use in CAV’s TKS inflight anti-ice and de-ice protection system. It is dispersed from laser drilled titanium panels, which are mounted on the leading edges of the aircraft. It then mixes with supercooled water in the clouds and aerodynamic forces carry the mixture away without it adhering to the frame.

The new fluid replaces the petrochemical-derived element, so the Monoethylene Glycol (which totals 85 percent of the fluid make-up) is now bio-derived.

Crucially TKS 406 BIO is produced to the same specification as DTD-406B and is therefore certified for use on all TKS equipped aircraft.

With an active TKS fleet of over 10,000 aircraft and over 100 aircraft variations this was an essential consideration for CAV, who are the only supplier of fluid-based ice protection systems globally.

Mike Eggleston, Chief Executive Officer at CAV Systems said: “We are incredibly proud of our environmental credentials and the work we have done to improve aircraft efficiency.

“Our strapline is to ‘fly safer, further and greener’ and it can be seen in everything we do from low power cutting edge ice protection systems to drag reduction technologies which are actively helping to reduce emissions.

“As an active member of the aviation community, we are delighted to bring TKS 406 BIO to the market. Certified for use on all aircraft with a TKS Ice Protection System it is another positive step forward for the industry and are very much looking forward to launching it in the New Year.”

The development of TKS 406 BIO fluid is the latest innovation from CAV, who celebrated 80 years of TKS ice protection last year.

The only supplier of fluid-based ice protection systems globally and the leading supplier of laser perforated surfaces, CAV’s TKS ice protection system is the lowest power system available on the market.

TKS 406 BIO will be launched in January 2024.

For further information please email or call +1(913) 738 5390.