TKS® Ice Protection is available for more than 100 different aircraft model variants for inadvertent icing and Flight Into Known Icing Conditions (FIKI). An anti-ice system with de-icing capability, TKS® provides the greatest protection of your aircraft frame of any ice protection system on the market.

Avoiding Structural Icing Accidents

TKS® is exceptionally reliable, providing peace of mind for owners, pilots and passengers. Between 2007 and 2017, 43 accidents involving 84 individuals have been caused in the US by in-flight structural icing; resulting in 37 fatalities and 7 major injuries*. Largely, these aircraft encountered unexpected weather conditions and were ill prepared for icing; Less than half had a form of ice protection system installed and not one of the aircraft involved in an accident was protected by a TKS® system.

* AOPA Accident Database 2007-2017

“When you’re on top in the bright sunshine cruising along on your trip and you know that you have to descend to your destination through the grey murk, TKS® gives you the peace of mind to know you can pull it off safely”

Scot Sherer, Cessna Owner Magazine

TKS® Benefits

Last the Aircraft Lifetime

Last the Aircraft Lifetime

2 Year Warranty*

2 Year Warranty*

Minimal Maintenance

Minimal Maintenance

Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Preserves Aircraft Appearance

Preserves Aircraft Appearance

*Via approved install center.

FAA Certification

Whilst our TKS® systems for Inadvertent and FIKI conditions both perform identically, our FIKI system is FAA Certified for icing conditions and possesses two on-demand pumps for windshield protection and two metering pumps for redundancy.

Allowing for legal take-off in icing conditions, our FIKI system has been extensively tested to demonstrate that your aircraft is protected during the icing conditions specified in the airworthiness regulations. An extensive process, certification determines an aircraft’s performance, flying qualities and tolerance to ice accumulation and provides you with the ability and confidence to launch with ice in the forecast.

Boots Comparison Table

Boots TKS®
De-Ice / Anti-Ice De-Ice Anti-ice with De-ice Capability
Placement Leading Edges Leading Edges, Windscreen, Propeller
Protected Areas Leading Edges Entire frame, windscreen, propeller
Power Requirement 775W 42W
Hardware Weight 52lb** 40lb**
Fluid weight 0lb 70lb
Operational Duration In Flight No limit 2.5hrs
Aerodynamic Performance Installed Drag Maintains Natural Laminar Flow
Erosion Resistant No (Elastomeric) Yes (Titanium)
Inter Cycle Ice Shapes Significant None
Longevity 5-10 years Lifetime of Aircraft

All figures are approximate and depend upon the model of aircraft and use of the system.

*Additional protection often added via an electro-thermal system for windscreen and propeller – adding weight and system complexity.

**System for typical single engine piston aircraft, such as the Bonanza.

Getting TKS® installed

Authorized TKS® installation centers for installation of retrofit TKS® Ice Protection Systems are located across the US and Europe to ensure that owners and operators can easily access their services. Our engineers personally trained our service center technicians to certify them for installation of the TKS® system to the highest standard.

Typical installations require approximately three weeks downtime.

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