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Where can I get the TKS system installed?

CAV Ice Protection is very careful to ensure only properly trained and experienced facilities are permitted to install the TKS Ice Protection System. See the list of authorized TKS Installation Centers in the United States and Europe.

Can you make a TKS system for any aircraft?

Systems are designed and certified for specific aircraft. The porous panels cannot be cut or modified to fit other aircraft. “One-off” systems are cost prohibitive. Current direction of the company is to cover all current production high performance singles and work further into the twin market. For enquiries, contact

How do the TKS panels attach to the leading edge?

Typically, the panels are bonded to the leading edges with a two-part adhesive. There are rivets at the corners of each panel for electrical continuity and to act as a sacrificial member if there is any galvanic action.

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