At CAV, we actively pursue partnerships with Maintenance Repair and Overhaul operatives (MROs) who know their customers by name and have provided concise and consistent care for their aircraft across the decades.

And to enable you to expand your services, we provide you with everything you need to offer excellent TKS® installation and maintenance service, including:

Illustration describing services CAV provides to MROs for becoming TKS installers

Expanding your offer

TKS® has a large and loyal customer base, which comprises more than 8000 TKS® fitted aircraft. Whilst, a further 18,000 aircraft are primed for potential TKS® installation, the fitting of which is tasked to our approved MRO’s.

By adding TKS® capability to your services, you will be one of a select few of MROs fully equipped to manage TKS® installation and maintenance.

This not only facilitates access to new customers but opportunities to extend alternate services for their aircraft. Our special partner rate for TKS® kits also enables you to offer exceptional value for money.

Complimentary training

Our complimentary course takes place amongst our own engineers and technicians on site at our Kansas facilities.

Trainees will be taught all aspects of installation from feed lines and control unit wiring, to panel bonding and high-pressure system testing, as well as common trouble shooting for future maintenance issues, and our team are at hand to answer any questions that might arise.

Once completed, on-going support is also provided from our technical support team and the provision of promotional marketing materials and additional advertising assistance is available.

Become a TKS Installer

Jeff Holden Headshot

For more information about working with CAV to become a TKS® installer, please contact our Aftermarket Sales Manager, Jeff Holden:    +1 913 738 5390