Overhaul, Spares, Repair

After 80-years of manufacture and development, we know our TKS® system back to front and inside out.

We are well versed in the repair of TKS® systems that may have accidentally been damaged and maintain a large inventory of competitively priced parts from Cessna and Cirrus to Hawker.

As the sole manufacturer for TKS® parts globally, certified parts are only available directly from us or our network of approved Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Centres.

Our unrivalled in-house expertise for testing and overhaul of TKS® leading edges, panels and parts has been honed from decades of partnership with aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the service of private pilots.

The best in TKS® overhaul

Quality is of the utmost priority at CAV and it’s our attention to detail and commitment to value that provides customers with confidence in our products.

As the original OEM, we can guarantee that every TKS® panel we overhaul conforms to the original profile, preserving the flight characteristics of your aircraft. Furthermore, our test rig ensures that the flow rates, pressure and coverage of TKS® fluid are exact for optimal de-icing and aerodynamics – something no other aviation service can offer.

Finally, our overhauled panels are buffed and polished returning them to their original standard as if they were new.

All our overhauled panels come with:

Forward Exchange

Forward Exchange

International and Same-day shipping

International and Same-day shipping

Two Year Warranty on overhaul & exchange

Two Year Warranty on overhaul & exchange

Free and Expert technical support

Free and Expert technical support

Get overhauled, spare & repair parts

Experts in Hawker

Present from the inception of the Hawker 125, CAV are fully equipped for the overhaul of TKS® panels and sections as well as the provision of parts.


We maintain a large inventory of parts for all our various TKS® aircraft models and can easily manufacture new parts on site for any special requests or rarer aircraft models.

And because we are the sole manufacturer for TKS® parts, we are able to keep cost low by eliminating the expense of supply chains and vendor margins, as well as guaranteeing our parts as genuine with a two-year warranty.

Check our list of key part numbers below and, if you can’t see what you are looking for, simply get in touch.


Repair Station

It’s our aim to get you off the ground as soon as possible, and our repairs and overhaul provide a trustworthy, cost effective way of getting your back in the air.

Our two FAA approved repair stations are located within our US and UK based facilities alongside the engineering teams and equipment that originally designed, built and tested your TKS® system, allowing us to easily diagnose and repair any issue.

Our repair stations offer:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Swift service & turnaround
  • On-site design & engineering staff to support your repair
  • On-site inventory parts
  • On-site test equipment
  • US & UK Operations
  • Repairs assistance includes but is not limited to: Metering Pumps, Windshield Pumps, Pressure Switches, Proportioning Units, Timer Boxes, Solenoid Valves, TKS® Panels, Level Senders Fluid Filters and Reservoirs Control Panels.