19th June 2019

CAV’s relationship with Hawker stretches back 50 years, when we designed TKS panels for their first business jet.

30 years ago, we became responsible for the entirety of the Hawker’s Leading Edge sections and we are the only company able to overhaul TKS panels and leading edge sections to the original specifications.

We’ve overhauled TKS panels and leading edges damaged by everything from hangar accidents and homemade TKS fluid, to giant-hail storms and a duo of pelicans that inflicted a comedy shaped dent! But on TKS panels that we receive ‘as removed’ from retired aircraft, the damage isn’t always easy to spot. It is by using our specialist test-rig, which is also used to optimise performance of our newly manufactured panels, we can ensure more than visual functionality.

It’s not enough to know that the panel gets wet. To fully protect against icing incidents and optimise the aircraft’s aerodynamic performance, TKS fluid needs to flow at the correct speed, cover the panel evenly and not leak.

Our test rig is the only one in the world that can assess TKS panels for rate of flow and pressure.

If the flow rate is too slow or parts of the panel are dry, ice may not be cleared effectively and modify or destabilise the aircraft aerodynamics. If it is too fast, TKS fluid may run out before the aircraft can escape the icing conditions.

When overhauled, each panel is stripped back to its basic elements and a new fluid membrane is installed as a matter of course to eliminate any potential degradation that could affect fluid flow.

The panel is then reassembled in the exact same way that they were originally manufactured, so that its profile is a perfect match to achieve the wing profile dictated within the design specification.

Finally, they’re finished in a way that makes it’s impossible to tell the difference by eye between a new panel and one we have overhauled.

Providing Hawker with over 50 years of TKS expertise, no other service is as experienced in the overhaul of TKS panels, or can guarantee they have been restored to as-new condition.

We are so confident, we also provide them with the same two-year warranty as our newly manufactured parts.

If you require overhauled TKS panel and sections, we maintain stock for exchange for the:

• Hawker 750 • Hawker 800 • Hawker 800XP • Hawker 850XP • Hawker 900XP • Hawker 1000

All our overhauled panels come with:

·       Forward Exchange

·       International and Same-day shipping

·       Two Year Warranty on overhaul & exchange

·       Free and Expert technical support

For more information, please contact CAV’s Aftermarket team aftermarket@cav-systems.com