Bonanza Install Part 4

27th April 2012

The main pump draws fluid from a tank positioned in the right wing behind the main spar at WS 127. In order to install the tank two holes are cut in the wing skin. One hole will allow the insertion of the bladder style fluid receptacle and the other hole is cut for the filler port.

1. A template is used to locate the holes.
2. The access hole and filler port hole.
3. The bladder type fluid tank. The tank has a 7.5 gallon capacity with 7 gallons usable.
4. The fluid level sender with float.

Padding is installed to line the cavity prior to tank installation and doublers are installed to strengthen the structure supporting the filler port and access hatch.

5. Padding being installed.
6. Doubler being installed.
7. Doubler installation with tank flange in the background.

Both wing tips are removed and the aileron unhinged. A tank vent is installed in the right wing tip rib and a 3/16″ nylon tube is run from the tank to the vent.

8. Tank vent in right tip rib.

The tank installation is finished with the installation of the access hatch and filler port. A locking cap is installed in the filler port to lower the opportunity for foreign fluids or debris to enter the TKS system.

9. Filler port with locking cap.

When the fluid is drawn from the tank it passes through a strainer into nylon tubing designed for TKS fluid and the pressure requirements of the TKS system. The fluid is pulled through the main pump and then pushed through the filter to the proportioning units in each wing and the tail.

10. Nylon fluid line running through a grommet to the main pump.
11. A proportioning unit with fluid lines attached. The lines will split the fluid out to the porous panels in precisely metered amounts.
12. Fluid lines passing through main cabin to the proportioning unit in the left wing and tail. Separate lines split the fluid out to the prop slinger and windshield spraybar.
13. Tee fittings in the cabin splitting fluid flow to TKS components.

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